Angela Rayner: The Dunce of the Feminism Class

An inarticulate, angry, sweary and unplanned rant from me

Yo, this is a rant, not even proofread. I am dashing it out as rage catharsis.

Angela Rayner is someone we need in the Labour Party. I like having real working-class women in Parliament. I like that she’s so forthright and can just have a go at posh Tories at the despatch box. She’s a bit rough and gobby and common and that’s good; it’s nice to have no bullshit women from poor backgrounds getting to the top of politics. I grew up poor, with no dad, an unemployed mum, a crap house, sometimes no electricity and when I was told I couldn’t be a politician because I was a poor female, I simply forgot about it and opted to be parliamentary staff instead. Angela is proof that was wrong.

My poor shit-hole of a town once had a very high rate of teen pregnancy (before kids stopped fucking each other and had theoretical sexualities online instead). Angela Rayner was a teen mum and she should be proof you don’t have to be a scumbag chav just because you had a baby when you should have been in school. She is an inspiration.

I hate when skanky, ill-educated Tory voters Tweet that she is dumb (when they are) and pay deference to people like Dominic Raab and that stupid lump of a PM Johnson when she faces them at the despatch box. The classism and the assumption she is stupid because of her accent and the fact she had a baby at 15 make me sick. I hate classism. I’ve been attacked because of my class too. I want to defend her, but I can’t. I can’t say she’s not thick, because I actually think, on some things, she IS.

Feminism. She goes on about it, but she hasn’t got a bloody clue. She is to feminism what I am to maths: a dunce, a retard, remedial level. It’s because of feminism, that this plank of a woman can even vote, let alone be the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. But every time she opens her dumbfuck mouth on this topic something stupid comes out. Labour claim they will uphold the Equality Act - one of the last good pieces of legislation they passed before we entered Tory Hell in 2010. So yay, we’re keeping the women’s single-sex spaces feminists fought for in the not so distant past. Except Labour want to update another piece of [ill-thought-out] Labour legislation from 2004 - the Gender Recognition Act. They want to include self-ID so the abusive autogynephiles that threaten women all day online can just identify into those single-sex spaces, sans Gender Recognition Certificate. People argue that they don’t use certificates anyway - we don’t show ID at toilet doors, but it at least means they got signed off by a doctor or two. It means they’ve begun a transition. They’re the real deal. But back in 2004, when the GRA was passed, there were only 6,000 trans people - TransSEXUAL people. Now there are tens of thousands of TransGENDER and no clear definition of what “transgender” means anymore, with Stonewall including any old bugger who is gender non conforming, from your garden variety lesbian to those ugly drag queens you see in Canal Street bars or even just slobby tomboy me.

Allowing self-declaration to become the state religion without a diagnosis of sex dysphoria is fucking dangerous and I’m too angry to articulate it here.

But back to dippity-dumb Angela Rayner, simpleton of the feminism class who keeps getting a D-. She somehow sees this as an attack on transwomen and insists “we” stand with them (by we, I assume she means the Labour Party, but I can assure you, this member is not with the trans community beyond their equal rights - WHICH THEY ALREADY HAVE). She also states this situation with us ‘TERFs’ is akin to the gay panic in the 80s over Section 28. Fuck off Angela. If you bothered to learn what the feminists are trying desperately to teach you, you’d discover that these ‘TERFs’ were protesting Section 28. These TERFs were nursing gay men dying of AIDS. Why would these left-wing lesbians suddenly become “transphobic”? Is it because something is very terrifyingly wrong with transactivism or is it because they suddenly go right-wing on this - and only this - subject.

Think about it Angela. Listen to women and engage your brain and you will see that trans rights is as fucking conservative and homophobic as it gets.

Gender identity theory is regressive because if you ask a transgender male how they arrived at the conclusion they are a woman, out comes a load of 1950s girly stereotypes, period fetishes and sissy porn crap. Gender identity ideology reinforces gender roles and stereotypes that women fought against for decades. And yet they project that view onto women and claim radical feminists are frightened of gender-non-conformity - when most of us are GNC ourselves. It’s bad for women’s liberation and it’s actually bad for men too because it forces toxic masculinity on them, and in turn, excludes and harms effeminate men who are often gay.

Transactivism is trying to campaign for the word gender to replace sex, so homosexual people are same-gender attracted instead of same-sex. Angela’s beloved Self-ID horseshit is already causing girls to walk into gay men’s bathhouses expecting sex and getting rejected when they realise she is a female identifying as a gay man, and Labour wants to fucking make this homophobic claptrap the LAW? There are big hairy blokes invading lesbian dating apps and the lesbians who reject them are getting banned. That’s what self ID is already doing without it being legal, so they just want to inshrine that? Angela cares so much about gay rights and knows Section 28 was wrong but can’t work out that this shit is just as bad?

A lot of the ‘TERFs’ she hates are simply women, some lesbians, asserting their boundaries.

Can Angela really be blind to all the scandals and court cases around the Tavistock? Does it not concern her how many gay girls are suddenly identifying out of being women? Does she not think it’s odd that there are no masculine women for young lesbians and tomboys to have as role models because they’re all transitioning? Does she not wonder why? Does she not suspect transition is being used as some kind of conversion therapy? Does she not worry that it’s autistic girls being referred to GIDS? Or girls with mental health problems? Or backgrounds of abuse like Angela herself experienced?

Evidently not, because all she goes on about is trans rights without even considering these aspects and women who try to raise this with her are just dismissed as plain old transphobes and frankly it’s like trying to communicate with a fucking ape. I want to like her. I want to show her as a good example of when a disadvantaged girl does good, but I can’t. She is dumb as a sack of rocks.

Sort your fucking selves out Labour cos it’s mostly women that canvass for you. If you have no respect for women as a sex class, then how can you get socially conservative working-class voters back? My friends are all lefties through and through but Labour is making them politically homeless because radical feminists aren’t welcome. It’s heartbreaking and depressing.